Kim Spiracy (kim_spiracy) wrote,
Kim Spiracy

Conspiracy Unification

Look at all, believe none, they are shadows of the truth. If you start truly believing anything, you are closing your mind. Write down the things you believe, and ask yourself, what if the exact opposite were true? If you have no tools to tell the difference between fact and fiction, you have no chance of knowing what's going on. Assume that 99% of all conspiracies are completely wrong (either due to human fallibility or deliberate misinformation), and that the 1% that is true is of monumental importance but very difficult to distinguish from the rest.
I thought this would be bad, but it was actually pretty good. Watch it. Question: if powerful secret societies are really out there and intent on great evil, why do they allow movies like this to exist?
It is difficult to trust anyone who is writing a book, because they have financial interest in getting lots of books published, regardless of the facts.

Read the Illuminatus! trilogy. It is a fictional account that tried to tie up all conspiracy theories of its time.

Read Cosmic Trigger I and II, by Robert Anton Wilson. This will teach you some about Magick, Crowley, belief systems, and other "out-there" topics, with a toe-hold on reason and refusal to "believe" anything.

Read Godel Escher Bach, and learn about fractals, for a completely legitimate exploration of what the true nature of reality is. This is the most important thing listed here. It is a key for understanding consciousness and the universe in my opinion. It has nothing overtly to do with any "wacko" theories, but gives you the tools to understand things. Pay close attention to self-similarity, recursion, self-reflection, and strange loops.

Search Google for these topics: Sacred Geometry, Magick, Thelema, Seshat, Maat or Ma'at, Thoth, Buddhist breath meditation, Akhenaten, Cheney Halliburton tax shelters, Theravada and Mahayana and Zen Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Knifewing, critical thinking, Mandelbrot set, fractals, symmetry, broken symmetry, self-similarity, logical fallacies, October Surprise, Skull and Bones, Yale Bush secret, mj12 documents, Vannevar Bush, crop circles, ....

Read the Amber Chronicles, paying attention to the true reality and the shadow worlds.

Things that seem completely flaky probably are. But they may be shadows of less flaky things. Godel Escher Bach may help you to project from the many shadows found in popular culture and religions to see what sort of thing might be casting the shadows. Poor-quality thinking is the enemy of knowledge; test yourself on the far-out and you may learn how to judge the less far-out. Skeptics and science are the greatest assets to spiritual or paranormal investigation, and easy acceptance of conspiracies and strangeness is the greatest enemy of discovering true conspiracies and strangeness.

Summary of beliefs that you may want to investigate but should probably not believe:

. There are powerful secret societies in loose control of much of the wealth and political institutions. They may be good, evil, or neither, or some mixture of the above.

. They are not all-powerful, and do make absurd mistakes at times.

. US Domestic assassination does happen, but the reasons of the assassins may not be easily knowable.

. Humanity is on the verge of some leap of evolution, but if anyone tries to sell you the truth they are probably deluded or just trying to make money.

. The war on Iraq is a religious war, but it is misguided. Most major religions are shadows of the truth, and the commonalities are to be discovered rather than the differences brought into conflict.

. The universe on one level is just dumb material, atoms, acting according to the laws of physics and mathematics. But consciousness (human and higher) can be created in that, by recursion. Humans are a part of the universe that thinks about itself. The process that creates human consciousness can create higher forms of consciousness, in which things that are undecidable or unknowable or paradoxical are no longer in conflict, because they are seen from a perspective that is at a different level.

Godel Escher Bach is the only firm brick I have found to build a foundation on.
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