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kim_spiracy's Journal

Kim Spiracy

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AIDS (40)
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John F Kennedy Assassination (12)
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UFOs (40)
US Central Intelligence Themes (8)
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Web Pages
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  Serendipity - http://serendipity.magnet.ch/
Contains a wide variety of conspiracy theories.
  Conspire - http://www.conspire.com
Articles and archives covering a variety of theories, with particular emphasis on JFK and UFOs.
  The Konformist - http://www.konformist.com
An ezine that is a conspiracy theory and anti-corporate clearinghouse.
  Ground Zero Radio - http://www.clydelewis.com
Ground Zero has been around since 1995. Talk show host Clyde Lewis shines a light on the dark corners of reality and makes Art Bell Look like Oprah. Find out just how scary this can get.
  Artificial Synchronicity, Language Manipulation, Kundalini and the Corners of Reality - http://www.geocities.com/freeyourbrain/
Explains how they've turned you into a mental slave.
  The Counter !lluminati Agency - http://www.ciagents.com/
From Adam Weishaupt to Zoroastrianism, with quite a bit in between, including the Worlds' Longest Conspiracy Theory, C!Agents, File Archives, web directory, free membership and once in a while we get some cabbages.
  Did They Put a Man on the Moon - http://moonfraud.virtualave.net
Pictures and testimony of an eye-witness who saw how Nasa faked the moonlanding.
  Floodlight - http://www.floodlight.org
An educational resource on conspiracy theories, extremist groups and the American far right.
  Greater Things Conservative, Prophetic News Service - http://www.greaterthings.com/News/
Major news trends warning of America's decline into an eventual martial law police state under the United Nations' New World Order.
  Lever Le Yeux - http://leverleyeux.homestead.com/Leverleyeuxhome.html
A look into the research and investigations concerning the issue of lingering, toxic contrails.
  Freemasonry Watch - http://freemasonwatch.freepress-freespeech.com/
Monitoring the invisible Empire, the world's largest secret society.
  Weirdload - http://www.weirdload.com
Essays from the edge, covering secrets and conspiracies from those involving the Roman Catholic Church to UFOs, space and metaphysics.
  CTRL: The Conspiracy Theory Research List - http://www.ctrl.org/
A think-tank for serious conspiracy research.
  Conspiracy Planet - http://www.conspiracyplanet.com
Alternative news and history network is an online antidote to government and media cartels propaganda.
  Violently Racist Music - http://home.att.net/~phosphor/mtv/mtv.html
Site detailing how the MTV Video Music Awards have been given to artists who promote messages that call for the murder of whites.
  Dark Conspiracy - http://www.darkconspiracy.com/
Contains a searchable conspiracy article database, a message board, and a chatroom.
  Clinton's Death List - http://members.tripod.com/~cbn2/death-2.html
Suspicious deaths of persons linked to Bill Clinton are posted here. Similar deaths connected with government posted. Books and CDs of relevant issues available.
  Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Theories - http://home.att.net/~rjnorton/Lincoln74.html
Theories regarding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth in 1865.
  A Nation in Denial - http://www.angelfire.com/nj/jhgraf/anid.html
A personal account about American government conspiracies by a whistleblower.
  The Hurricane Andrew Coverup - http://www.nexusmagazine.com/hurricane.html
The authorities grossly understated the death toll from hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster in US history, and left thousands of survivors to die in a zone contaminated by radiation, a survivor claims.
  Apollo 1: Sabotage, Murder and Cover-Up? - http://www.apollo1.info
Apollo1.info is dedicated to re-opening the investigation into the deaths of the Apollo 1 primary crew. Scott Grissom, son of Gus Grissom, believes he has uncovered evidence of sabotage.
  The Conspiracy Network - http://www.theconspiracynetwork.com/
A resource guide, providing top stories and links on current and previous cover ups, theories and conspiracies.
  Full Disklosure - http://www.fulldisklosure.org/
Discussion boards covering conspiracies, the New World Order, UFO's, ancient mysteries, and the paranormal.
  Creative Fraud: Political Monetary Economics - http://www.incrediblehoax.com/
The consequences to the economy of political monetary economic creative fraud and hoax caused by private, corporate counterfeit money as currency.
  Bob's Conspiracy Theories - http://www.bghadami.btinternet.co.uk/
Conspiracy theories including the death of Diana, the moon landings, JFK assasination and the terrorist attacks on America.
  America Faces Surprise Nuclear Attack - http://www.angelfire.com/rant/watchman2001/summary.html
Evidence that America is the target of a nuclear attack conspiracy by Russia and China.
  Mindbending Trails - http://geocities.com/mindbendingtrail/
A number of conspiracies are explored.
  The Secret Underground World Society - http://www.starlink.clarityconnect.com/
Exposes a secret society working with the secret government which uses ESP, mind control, wire taps, and soul entrapment.
  Murderous U.S. Judges - http://murderoususjudges.com/
Includes the claim AOL Time Warner CEO Gerald M. Levin and U.S. Federal Judge James M. Ideman conspired to murder filmmaker Gyorgy Fodor.
  Truthfiles - http://www.truthfiles.com
Presents information on a variety of conspiracy issues.
  St Aardvark the Carpeted vs. Texe Marrs - http://st_aardvark.tripod.com
An interview with NWO-watcher and preacher Texe Marrs, and a leap into the wilder worlds of conspiracy, Aardvarks and Ayn Rand.
  ConspiracyInfo.Com - http://www.conspiracyinfo.com
We CAN Handle the Truth!
  Scaramouche Theory - http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Saturn/3357/
This is a site where truth is a synonym for conspiracy.
  University of Toronto Fraud - http://ca.geocities.com/UofTfraud/
Explains how the University of Toronto and the media conspire to keep a fraudulent affair hidden from the public.
  Liquid Deprenyl - http://www.liquid-deprenyl.com/
A conspiracy by big drug companies, the FDA, and Department of Justice to violate constitutional rights.
  eMpTyV: The Conspiracy - http://netnormal.com/users/mtv/
An anti MTV website discussing Viacom's monopoly of the internet and MTV's warping young and fragile minds.
  Welcome to The Catbird Seat - http://msnhomepages.talkcity.com/ReportersAlley/thecatbirdseat/
Climb up in the Catbird Seat for a panoramic view of crime and corruption in high places.
  Revolution Incredulity - http://lab.eccentrica.org/griffyn/
Encourages visitors to judge the validity of conspiracy theories for themselves.
  Subliminal Messages Examples - http://www.geocities.com/subliminally2020
Real examples of Subliminal Message use in Advertising, subliminal pictures
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